How to protect sofa from dog or cat scratching

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Do you have a lovely dog or cat at home?

Maybe it’s a Golden Retriever, Huskie, or Teddy? Mika have a dog called “taotao”, which is a Chinese Rural dog. I apoted taotao which it was one month little. Someone threw it away and I picked it up at home.

Well, a long story begins.

Taotao brings love and fine, but also damage. Something like that……

And also……

And everytime she did something wrong, the attitude made me laugh and cry.

Do you also have a pet like this?

It’s headache, right?

We love them so much so it’s hard to beat them when they do something wrong.

Pets are part of the family. They love us unconditionally, provide us with emotional support and help us reduce stress — even when they see a new wood table or leather couch like a new chew toy or scratch post.

Even if you don’t have a strict “keep the dog off the couch” policy, we all feel the need to protect furniture.

There are many ways to protect furniture from your cat or dog:

One of the easiest and lowest-cost ways is using a pet cover to help prevent hair, drool, bacteria and dirt from sinking into your new couch. Your dog or cat probably has a favorite spot, so make sure it’s covered with a cover that’s easy to maintain. Some options include blankets, throws or sofa covers.

See the video on how to cover a sofa cover in the correct way. Then you can have a happy time playing with your pet easily.


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