Most frequent questions and answers

Sometimes some of our customers will ask us, what is the capacity of your factory, how many days can you finish my slipcovers?

I say, 5 days.

Unbelievable, could be so fast?

OK, no kidding. Let’s go into our factory workshop together. Let’s me introduce in details.

  • If the fabrics and colors if customized, usually 30~45days for 1X40HQ.

Produce fabrics 20~30 days, cuting 1 day, sewing 2 days, and packing 2 days.

  • If select our ready-made fabrics (for hot sellers,we will prepare the fabrics in advance), so that we could ship out goods in 5 days for 1X40HQ.

How to prove what I say? See the video below, I could show to you how fast we can delivery the goods?